Do you use massage primarily to de-stress and relax tired muscles – Wellness and Relaxation Massage? Or are you looking for a more focused session to get relief from muscle and joint pain brought on by repetitive work or sports related activities – Advanced Wellness Clinical Massage? Read on below to find out more and decide which service might best fit your goals. Book online or call to schedule your appointment. You may also use the contact form for questions. More information about massage treatments is available at the FAQ page.

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Wellness and Relaxation Massage

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Wellness and Relaxation Massage is a generalized type of massage session. It is based primarily on the Classic or Swedish massage techniques and the goal is to help each client maintain or improve their personal wellness with a massage strategy designed to calm the nervous system and promote relaxation. 

A treatment session is customized to fit the needs of each individual. This means taking your health history, preferences, and wellness goals into account for each treatment. The intention of each mode of touch, massage stroke, and joint movement is to relieve minor muscular aches and joint stiffness while also reducing the experience of stress and anxiety.

Wellness and Relaxation Massage sessions can be scheduled in session lengths of 60 or 90 minutes. Determining the right length of time for your session will depend upon your specific goals and may take a few sessions to figure out. Some treatment plans will be their nature take more time to implement than others. If you are not sure, I recommend starting with a 60-minute session.

Your massage session can be applied to all the major muscle groups and joint structures of the body – i.e. the head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, hips, thighs, legs, and feet. Or if you prefer, it can focus only specific body areas such as the neck, shoulders, and back. A runner for example may prefer a massage focus on the thighs, legs, and feet with some passive stretching to follow. In the end, the massage treatment can always be adjusted to reflect your wellness goals.

Given their generalized nature, Wellness and Relaxation Massage sessions are not intended to treat specific conditions such as chronic tension headaches or piriformis syndrome. Rather, they are best used as part of a monthly recurring bodywork and massage maintenance strategy to help manage the build up of minor physical and mental stresses before they become major problems.

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Advanced Wellness Clinical Massage

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The purpose of an Advanced Wellness Clinical Massage treatment session is to employ the most effective techniques of massage and bodywork with the goal of relieving a specific physical discomfort (of a non-medical nature) experienced in the muscles and joints of the body.

This treatment strategy is ideal for clients who have been experiencing chronic physical stress leading to conditions such as: 

– neck and shoulder pain caused from postural strain (e.g. “text neck”)
– headache caused by accumulated tension in the shoulders, neck, jaw, and cranial muscles
– repetitive strain/overuse disorders of the forearms, wrist, and fingers from typing and texting
– back pain and general stiffness from sitting all day and stagnant posture

The bodywork and massage techniques applied are intended to help improve posture, relieve pain, and improve muscle and joint function. To help achieve these goals a typical session may include one or a combination of the following modalities:

Trigger Point Therapy
– Deep tissue massage techniques
– Myofascial release techniques
– Passive and active stretching techniques

Your first session will begin with a detailed health history including questions about your past and present health status along with a separate questionnaire where you can describe the nature of your physical pain or other discomforts. General assessments of posture and joint range of motion will be performed as needed.  It is recommended that clients bring sports attire to each session (men: shorts, women: shorts or yoga pants, sports bra).

There are 3 general goals for each session:
1. Incorporate the massage/bodywork modalities which can most effectively address your primary complaints.
2. Help you gain a practical understanding of posture, its relationship to pain, and its importance as you work.
3. Offer education regarding work-related ergonomics and micro-breaking as a prevention strategy.

Advanced Wellness Clinical Massage Treatment sessions can be used on an “as needed” basis or as part of a regular monthly maintenance program.

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