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If you book online, please select the “NEW (1st time) client” appointment option. You will get 2 emails shortly after you book your appointment – (1) an appointment confirmation and (2) a request to complete a secure online new client intake form. If you missed the online intake email then you may complete a paper version at the time of your appointment.

A pre-treatment consultation will follow in which we will discuss your health history as well as your expectations and goals for the massage treatment and physical assessments for posture and joint range of motion may be performed if needed. Treatment procedures will be thoroughly explained and no treatment will be performed without your consent. Feel free to ask questions at any time. The new client intake process can take up to 30-minutes to complete and will be followed by your treatment session lasting 60-minutes.

Accepted payment forms include cash, credit/debit cards, PayPal, Venmo, Apple & Google Pay. I do not bill or accept insurance.

60-minute single session90-minute single session

Posted fees subject to change without notice.

Information about prepaid massage treatment series or recurring monthly massage membership options can be made available to you after you have experienced your first session.

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Wellness and Relaxation Massage

The goal of a Wellness and Relaxation Massage is to help one to improve or maintain their personal wellness with a massage strategy designed to calm the nervous system and promote relaxation. I base this session primarily on the Swedish massage techniques (also referred to as the classic massage technique). Swedish Massage is a systematic approach of manual manipulations applied in a sequence to the body’s soft tissues (i.e. the skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia). The intention of each mode of touch, massage stroke, and joint movement is to relieve minor muscular aches and joint stiffness while also reducing the experience of stress and anxiety.  

This massage session is applied to all the major muscle groups and joint structures of the body – i.e. the head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, hips, thighs, legs, feet – and may also include passive joint motions that stretch and lubricate these same joint structures. A one-hour session is sufficient time to massage the major muscle groups. With a 90-minute session joint and muscle stretching approaches can be added to the session. Determining the right length of time for your session will depend upon your specific goals and may take a few sessions to figure out. Some treatment plans will by their nature require more time to implement than others. If you are not sure where to start, I recommend starting with a 60-minute session.

To prepare for their massage, after the massage therapist leaves the room, the client is asked to undress only to their level of comfort though it is suggested to leave your bottom underwear on. The client lies on the massage table underneath a drape which provides warmth, privacy, and to maintain professional standards. During the massage, only the part of the body being treated will be exposed. The breasts and genitals will never be exposed or touched and the buttocks (gluteal muscles) will never be fully exposed. Clients are not required to disrobe for massage treatments as you can receive a great massage session and achieve your wellness goals fully clothed using a modified approach.

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Advanced Wellness Clinical Massage

Advanced Wellness Clinical Massage is a treatment strategy I use when the client’s goal is to relieve specific musculoskeletal discomforts associated with work or sports related activities. The primary techniques I use for treatment of muscle pain stem from trigger point and neuromuscular therapy. This treatment strategy is ideal for clients who have been experiencing chronic physical stress leading to conditions such as: 

– back pain and general stiffness from sitting all day and stagnant posture
– neck and shoulder pain caused from postural strain (e.g. “text neck”)
– headache caused by accumulated tension in the shoulders, neck, jaw, and cranial muscles
– repetitive strain/overuse disorders of the forearms, wrist, and fingers from typing, texting, playing musical instruments, etc

Advanced Wellness Clinical Massage differs from a Wellness and Relaxation Massage in that it:

1. Incorporates massage/bodywork modalities in the form of a highly focused treatment plan which can most effectively address your primary pain complaints.
2. Provides take home actions enabling you to maintain progress between sessions (e.g. joint specific stretching routines, use of heat or cold, etc).
3. Offers education to bring awareness to posture, work-related ergonomics and micro-breaking as a prevention strategy and other factors which may perpetuate pain.

The best results are achieved when each client actively and willingly participates in their wellness. It is recommended that clients bring loose fitting clothing or sports attire to each session (men: shorts, women: shorts or yoga pants, sports bra). Appropriate draping will be provided when removal of clothing is necessary for a portion of massage treatment.

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