Do you use massage primarily to de-stress, and relax? Or are you looking for a more focused session to get relief from muscle and joint pain brought on by repetitive work or sports related activities? Read on below to find out more and decide which service might best fit your goals.

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Wellness & Relaxation Massage

Wellness and Relaxation Massage Treatment

Do you use massage primarily to unwind and relax? To get a few kinks worked out of your muscles and joints? To feel less stressed and anxious? To reward yourself for managing a hectic week at the office? And so that you can feel good? Then a Wellness and Relaxation Massage treatment might be right for you.

Available as 60-minute or 90-minute sessions

Based on Swedish and Deep Tissue massage techniques, this massage treatment option is designed for maximizing relaxation of the body and mind within a calm, peaceful, and safe environment. The goal of this massage treatment is in reducing the feelings or perceptions of your stress and anxiety levels. By fostering relaxation of the mind, one can also experience relaxation of the body thereby affecting relief of minor muscle and joint aches. This also works the other way round. 

What is a Swedish massage treatment like? Swedish massage, also referred to as the Western or classic style of massage, is a systematic approach of manual manipulations applied to the skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia to promote relaxation, general wellness, and relief for joint stiffness and minor muscle pain. Therapist assisted joint movements may also be incorporated into the clients treatment when indicated or requested. They are gentle in nature and are intended to take a joint through its range of motion. 

An oil, lotion, or cream may be used to allow your muscles to be manipulated without causing friction to the skin. The client lies on the massage table and is draped with a sheet to provide warmth, privacy, and to maintain professional standards. During the massage, each stroke builds upon the effects of the previous stroke to help increase circulation, alleviate muscular pain and discomfort, reduce muscle spasm, and to help relieve stress. The intensity of a manipulation can vary from light to vigorous and can be adjusted to each clients’ individual preference.

A Swedish Massage is a holistic treatment and typically applied as a full body treatment. The body regions to which massage is applied include the head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, hips, thighs, legs, and feet. Communication with your massage therapist is encouraged to help establish clear goals and expectations for the session. If you prefer that certain areas not receive massage, just let your massage therapist know before your session begins. Clients are also encouraged to give feedback during the session especially if it about their comfort (e.g. massage pressure too light or hard, music volume, room temperature, etc). 

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Advanced Wellness Clinical Massage

Use a focused massage & bodywork treatment strategy to help get relief from muscular pain & tension issues brought on by work or sports related repetitive strain actions. Learn about self-help and prevention strategies to maintain your wellness.

Available as 60-minute or 90-minute sessions

The accumulation of physical stress in the 21st century workplace is the result of, at least in part, how much time we spend sitting and processing information on computers, tablets, and smart phones. Added on to that now are mental stresses associated with balancing work and family life, 24-hour connectivity from our digital devices, meetings, deadlines, navigating conflicts within corporate culture, and before you get into the office you may have already spent close to an hour or longer driving to work under congested traffic conditions. For some individuals, a Wellness and Relaxation Massage Treatment can work very well as part of a broader maintenance strategy to keep harmony intact. For others a different approach may be needed.

Whereas the Wellness and Relaxation Massage session emphasizes relaxing the mental/emotional state and allowing the client to have a space to unwind and relax during the treatment (i.e. a 60-90 minute “vacation”), the Advanced Wellness Clinical Massage Treatment places a primary focus on relieving physical discomforts and involves the active participation of each client.

An Advanced Wellness Clinical Massage Treatment session is focused on the relationship between posture and pain. It employs the most effective tools of massage and bodywork techniques that can help to improve posture and relieve the build up of physical stresses over time that can potentially lead to conditions involving: 

  • neck pain caused from postural strain (e.g. “text neck”)
  • headache caused from accumulated tension in the shoulders, neck, jaw, and cranial muscles
  • repetitive strain/overuse disorders or injuries of the forearms, wrist, and fingers from typing and texting
  • back pain and general stiffness from sitting all day and stagnant posture
  • also… feelings of anxiety, depression, low energy, and burnout.

Your first session will begin with a detailed health history – questions about past and present health status along with a separate questionnaire where you can describe the nature of your physical pain or other discomforts. General assessments of posture and joint range of motion will be performed as needed. In this type of session, assessment and treatment are often interchanged. It is recommended that clients bring sports attire to each session (men: shorts & shirt, women: shorts or yoga pants, sports bra).

The goals for each session are:

1. Design a results oriented treatment plan from detailed history taking and physical assessments 

2. Incorporate the massage/bodywork modalities which can most effectively addresses the primary complaints, relieve muscle/joint pain and improve posture

3. Help you gain a useful understanding of posture and its importance as you work

4. Offer education regarding work-desk ergonomics and micro-breaking as a prevention strategy

Benefits to you are:

  • Get relief from muscular pain issues through focused and customized massage and bodywork treatment
  • Increase joint flexibility and range of motion, relax your mind and your muscles
  • Learn to apply self massage and stretching techniques as part of a prevention and maintenance strategy
  • Learn micro-breaking strategies and practical ergonomic solutions for desk or other forms of work to help ward off posture and pain problems

Advanced Wellness Clinical Massage Treatment sessions can be used on an “as needed” basis or as part of a regular monthly maintenance program.

For more information about massage treatments please visit our FAQ page.

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