Services and Fees

I do not accept or bill insurance. Each client will be responsible for full payment of each session at the time of treatment. If a client is seeking reimbursement from their health insurance or other association, I can provide a receipt for the service upon request.

Accepted payment forms include cash, credit/debit cards (Visa, Master Card, Amex, and Discover), and personal checks. If you are paying with cash please have exact change. Returned check fees may be charged according to Florida law. All massage treatments are provided at my office location.

New client first massage treatment$115.00

At your first visit, you will be required to complete important paper work regarding your current and past health history. Once the paper intake is completed, I will verbally review the information with each client. We will also discuss your expectations for the massage treatment. If necessary, physical assessments may be performed (to measure joint range of motion, test muscles and movements) which are intended to help design an appropriate massage treatment for your needs. This first appointment takes approximately 90 minutes to complete (sometimes a bit longer).

Single Session Office Fees:

After your first visit, all follow up massage appointments are priced as follows:

  • 60 minutes treatment: $85.00
  • 75 minutes treatment: $105.00
  • 90 minutes treatment: $125.00
  • 2 hrs treatment: $165.00

Additional treatment time is prorated at $20 per 15 minutes. All fees subject to change with out notice.

About Massage Services…

My massage therapy practice is based on providing clients a strategy for wellness and prevention. More specifically this means using massage treatment, stretching techniques, and education structured for each client into personalized treatment plans to help them relieve muscular tension, relieve stress (both physical and mental), improve joint range of motion, reduce the experience of muscle and joint pain, stimulate circulation and restore function to joints and muscles.

My services include the use of Classic/Swedish or deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, stretching, or any combination thereof which may help to achieve the ends stated above.

Some people like to receive full general massage sessions while other prefer focused attention on a specific area (e.g. neck and shoulders, or back). Some would just like some gentle Active Isolated Stretching while others get the most benefit from combining massage and stretching in their sessions.