New Client First Appointment

8. Concluding the treatment:

When your session comes to an end, I will step away from the treatment area so that you have privacy as you redress. Afterward, I’ll check in with you to see if the treatment matched your expectations and perhaps demonstrate some stretches relevant to the goal of the massage treatment. Feel free to ask any questions afterward and if you would like to go ahead and set up a follow up session we can do that before I leave.

100% Client Satisfaction Guarantee

If however, at the conclusion of your first appointment you feel the massage treatment did not deliver on a quality level you expected, please do not hesitate to let me know. I believe in having “skin in the game” and perhaps I am not the right massage therapist for your needs. That’s why I have a 100% quality service guarantee. So if my approach to massage and bodywork doesn’t satisfy your quality expectations I will *refund your money so you can use those funds to find a practitioner who would be a better match for your massage wellness needs.

*When you are in session with your massage therapist, be sure to communicate openly throughout the session so they can accommodate your requests and make any necessary adjustments. If you wait until the end of the session to ask for something different, the therapist will not have the opportunity to modify the session or change the course of the session, so in that case, the guarantee shall not apply. No guarantee is being made for pain relief, postural restoration, or range of motion and flexibility gains.

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