New Client First Appointment

6. Beginning the treatment:

I will leave the treatment area so that you may have privacy to prepare if any disrobing is necessary. A client may undress only to their level of comfort though you should leave your lower underwear on. A fresh sheet drape will be provided for warmth and privacy (you may use your own sheets if you prefer).

During the massage, only the part of the body being treated will be exposed and professional draping standards will always be maintained. The breasts and genitals will never be exposed or touched and the buttocks (gluteal muscles) will never be fully exposed.

Clients are not required to disrobe for any massage treatments. You can still receive a great massage session and achieve your wellness goals fully clothed using a modified approach. Some services that involve active movement by the client necessitate loose fitting clothing or sports attire to each session (men: shorts, women: shorts or yoga pants, sports bra). Appropriate draping will be provided when removal of clothing is necessary for a portion of massage treatment.

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