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4. Setting up the massage treatment area (continued):

The second point has to do with our mutual safety in controlling the spread of COVID-19. Though our contact will be indoors, I believe that having a massage session at your home offers a superior advantage that many office spaces may not be able to match in terms of mitigating the spread of an airborne virus. According to Pierre Kory, MD at, there are four main risk factors that predict transmission within indoor spaces dubbed the 4D’s: Density, Duration, Dimensions, and Draft.

What follows are some specific suggestions for your home appointment treatment area setup that take into consideration the “four D’s” working together (and I put this forward recognizing that I am the outsider entering your household):

Density – The odds of transmission are lower when fewer people are gathered in a confined space. The two of us will be involved in the appointment and other members of your home if present won’t likely be in the same area so you can have a calm and peaceful massage experience.

Duration – The more time spent in a confined space with lots of people, the greater the odds of transmission. Most massage sessions are 60-minutes and the maximum duration I offer is 90-minutes.

Dimensions – I would suggest setting up the massage treatment area in the largest and most open space available in your home – e.g. living room, family room space, etc. Open spaces with fewer people lower the odds of transmission.

Draft – Wherever the massage is to take place in your home a window or door near the treatment area could be opened up to allow for inside air to circulate outside – assuming this is feasible. If there is a ceiling fan, I would recommend turning it on and/or a box or tower fan can be used to create circulation. If you don’t have any portable fans I have one available to bring.

Final point… for the time being I am willing to wear a surgical or N95 mask for appointments of 60 to 90 minutes duration but not longer than that. I will not require my clients to be masked for the duration of our contact. That choice is yours to make.

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