Massage Treatment Series

Often I am asked… “how many massage sessions should I schedule to help with my (fill in the blank) problem”? The answer is it depends.

It depends on whether you want short term help with an acute challenge or whether you are looking to add massage as part of your monthly wellness plan. For the latter, using massage on a recurring monthly schedule is a long term commitment and the frequency of treatments is based on each client’s personal preferences and budget.

In the case of the former, some individuals will use massage on an as-needed basis typically when they experience acute muscle pain. Sometimes a single session will get the job done. In other instances, a few more massage treatments may be needed for optimal results. 

Acute myofascial trigger point pain can be resolved within 1 to 4 sessions. Ideally these treatments would be scheduled within 12 to 14 days or at least once per week (I recommend a minimum of with 48hrs spacing between each session). 

Massage Treatment Series with Video Call Follow Up Appointments

Pay once then focus on getting relief. Each massage treatment series includes:

  • Massage Treatment Series are available as [3] sixty minute sessions or [3] ninety minute sessions. You will have the option to book each session in advance to make sure you get the most convenient dates/times. For best results scheduling at least 1 appointment each week is highly recommended.
  • Optional add on purchase of 3 appointment follow up video call consultations up to 20-minutes each for $60. A video call follow up appointment will allow me to see your progress if for example you had limited shoulder or neck range of motion and we can also review stretching exercises and other strategies discussed from your previous session. Video call platforms I use are Duo, Signal, and Zoom.

For a limited time I am offering each massage series with [3] COMPLIMENTARY twenty minute video call follow up appointments

Massage Treatment Series
3 sessions of 60 minutes each
Plus 3 [20]minute video call follow up appointments

Regular cost – $345

For a limited time – $285

Massage Treatment Series
3 sessions of 90 minutes each
Plus 3 [20]minute video call follow up appointments

Regular cost – $465

For a limited time – $405

Save $60 until December 1st, 2021.

Are you a potential new client looking at this offer? Not sure about starting with a series? I understand. Here’s what we can do. Let’s start with one session (my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee applies). If you feel after your first session that this series is the right way for you to go forward, then I can charge you for the balance of two more treatments and before I leave we’ll go ahead and schedule those sessions ahead and arrange for your first video follow up.

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