Integrated Therapeutic Massage

Are you experiencing chronic back pain from sitting all day with stagnant posture? Is the postural strain from your accumulated screen time giving you a pain in the neck? Does the tension in your shoulders, neck, jaw, and cranial muscles leave you with frequent headaches? Has typing and texting led to repetitive strain/overuse disorders of your forearms, wrist, and fingers? If so, then you may find more benefit from an integrated massage and bodywork approach that is focused on helping you resolve your specific acute or chronic complaint. 

Back pain from sitting too long

The integrated strategy thoroughly examines the involved soft tissues using appropriate modalities and techniques with the goal of eliminating muscle pain and spasm, to improve the function of joints and muscles, bring awareness to posture, and restore balance between the muscular and nervous systems. Think of this integrated approach as a “tool box”. The tools within it are neuromuscular therapy, trigger point therapy, myofascial release techniques, active isolated stretching, etc. are used in a massage treatment (or short series) to help relieve your specific complaint.

Your session will emphasize the following three points to help get you to your desired outcome:

  1. Assess your condition and create an individualized treatment plan which can most effectively address your primary complaints.
  2. Help each client develop an awareness and understanding of certain factors that may cause or contribute to the problems they are experiencing.
  3. Discover practical interventions and prevention strategies related to daily activities and ergonomics which can help solve or manage that challenge. 

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