Top 10 FAQs

These are the top 10 frequently asked questions with regards to my massage practice.

1. Do you accept insurance?

I do not accept or bill insurance.

2. What are you fees?

  • 60 minutes session – $90
  • 75 minutes session- $112.50
  • 90 minutes session- $135

Accepted payment forms include cash, credit or debit cards (Visa, Master Card, Amex, and Discover), and personal checks. Click here for more details.

3. How can I make an appointment?

All sessions must be scheduled in advance and are available Monday through Saturday and on most holidays. I am unable to accept walk-in appointments. To schedule an appointment feel free to call (if you leave a message, I’ll return your call as soon as I am able), or schedule online by clicking the appointment button on the right side bar.

4. If I am in severe acute or chronic pain, should I see you first or call my doctor?

Please note that I am not a medical professional. If you are experiencing severe and debilitating pain, you should consult a medical doctor first to rule out the possibility of serious condition or injury.

5.  What type of massage do you practice?

I am primarily a hands-on manual therapist using Classic/Swedish massage, deep tissue massage techniques, trigger point therapy, passive and active joint range of motion, and stretching techniques. During your treatment session I may employ, depending upon the goal, any one of or a combination of these techniques to help you reduce muscular pain and tension, relieve stress, improve joint range of motion, and restore function.

6. Are massage treatments painful?

Some techniques, like trigger point therapy, can be somewhat uncomfortable but there’s no need to “bite the bullet”. To desensitize the area your therapist will use a moderate pressure which may elicit a mild to moderate state of discomfort – but not mash you into silly puddy. After the area has been treated about 3 – 5 times (in the same session) any sensitivity should be significantly reduced. During the session I will stay in communication with you and encourage you to let me know anytime the pressure is too intense.

7. What should I wear to massage treatment sessions? Do I need to remove my clothing?

If your session is scheduled as a full general massage, I inform all clients to undress only to their level of comfort but suggest leaving your bottom underwear on. If a session is more movement intensive (i.e. stretching) the client will be instructed to wear comfortable clothing such as shorts and a t-shirt, or a sports bra for women. Whether a client is fully or partially disrobed for their treatment, they will be appropriately draped with a table linen. Only the part of the body being treated will be exposed. The breasts and genitals will never be exposed or touched and the buttocks will never be fully exposed. Clients are not required to disrobe for treatments. You can receive a great massage session fully clothed.

8. What parts of my body will be massaged?

Before each session begins, I ask the client about their desired outcome as this will determine which parts of your body will require massage. A typical full-body session will include work on your back, arms, legs, feet, hands, head, neck, and shoulders. I will explain the massage procedure to you and ask for your consent to work on these body areas. You may refuse treatment on any body area. An oil, lotion, or cream may be used to allow your muscles to be manipulated without causing friction to the skin. The lubricants hydrate the skin and are readily absorbed. I use hypoallergenic products.

9. Do you travel to a clients home or office?

Currently, I only work out of my office location in South Miami.

10. Should I eat or fast before receiving massage treatments?

I would suggest that you do not eat a heavy meal just prior to a session. If you do, give yourself plenty of time (at least 3 hours) to digest your food. It can be quite uncomfortable to receive massage or bodywork on a full stomach. If you must eat before your massage try a light snack to hold you over.