Walking with local wildlife

From Apollo Beach, FL… These birds are big and beautiful and were calm as I walked by. Every time a flock flies overhead making their call, one is reminded of Jurassic Park. You can hear for yourself at the link below. Enjoy! https://www.audubon.org/field-guide/bird/sandhill-crane https://videopress.com/v/a906v9t9?preloadContent=metadata

Stretch Break Part 1 – Chest and Upper Back

Step 1. Active Isolated Stretching Technique for the Chest This exercise stretches the chest muscles (pectoralis major and minor). Tight pectoral muscles roll the shoulders forward and rotate the arms inward. Other muscles are involved with this pattern and they’ll get some attention as well. Muscle anatomy images from 3D4 Medical’s Essential Anatomy App https://videopress.com/v/wpa8d4nC?preloadContent=metadata

Short Stretch Breaks at Work

Whether you work at a corporate office or shared work space sitting at a desk, or at home working from your bed or couch, sitting still for countless hours with poor posture will eventually cause some part of your body to experience discomfort (e.g. the neck, back, shoulders, wrists, etc).

About Trigger Point Therapy

A trigger point is a hyper-irritable spot in muscle tissue which can feel like and is sometimes referred to as a “knot”. Trigger points have the ability to refer pain or other sensations to another area of the body in predictable patterns.