Appointment Policies

General Appointment Policies and
Reciprocal Release Waiver with Regards to Covid-19 and Massage Appointments

Clicking this link will take you to HelloSign where you can digitally sign this document. Massage therapy client appointments will not be accepted by Mitchell Diaz, LMT unless this document has been agreed to and signed by the client.

1. General Appointment Policies

Client Information Privacy:  All information provided by a client which may include submitted documentation via hand written form, computer printed, or digital files, and verbally shared information during treatment, phone, text, or video consultation, etc., is considered confidential and shall not be released to another person or entity without the client’s written consent or unless the massage therapist is compelled by law to do so.

Payment:  Mitchell Diaz, LMT does not accept or bill insurance. All services must be paid for in full at the time of service booking. Accepted forms of payment include credit/debit cards, cash, PayPal, Venmo, Apple and Google Pay.

Cancellations (A):  To cancel your appointment please give notice within a period not less than 12-hours prior to the appointment. In the event that your appointment was prepaid and the massage therapist (MT) is enroute to your location when the cancellation is made or the MT arrives at your location and you are not available, the client will be charged for the late cancel/missed session and forfeit the deposit for that prepaid appointment. 

Cancellations (B) – Sickness or Personal Emergencies:  Please cancel your appointment as soon as you are aware of an infectious illness or contagious condition in your body as massage is not appropriate care when such illness occurs. If the illness/contagious condition develops within the 12-hour cancellation notice period, the cancellation charge may be waived. Cases of personal emergencies involving genuine extenuating circumstances may also be considered as exceptions for waiving a service charge at the sole discretion of the massage therapist.

Appointment Preparedness:  As your massage therapy provider, I will make every effort to respect your time and arrive at your location, set up, and be prepared to start your session in a timely fashion. If I am late in arriving for and starting the massage service appointment then I will make up the time for your session either on that appointment or at a future appointment, or offer an equivalent discount for a future appointment. All clients are respectfully asked to be prepared and ready to receive their massage session as scheduled. If for any reason a client is not ready to begin their session and requires a delay after the massage therapist has completed setting up the treatment area, there are two ways in which we can proceed – (1) you can pay your massage therapist to wait in 15-minute increments after which we can start your originally scheduled appointment duration or (2) the waiting time can be deducted from your scheduled appointment service time and we’ll work with the balance of your session time when you’re ready. The availability of option 1 is at the sole discretion of the massage therapist and is non-refundable and non-transferable into treatment time.

2. Reciprocal Release Waiver with Regards to COVID-19 and Massage Appointments

The purpose of this document is to provide an opportunity for prospective clients to have adequate information about my appointment policies with regards to COVID-19 concerns so that they can make an informed decision about conducting business with me. While certain “reasonable” precautions can be taken with regards to COVID-19, there can be no guarantee made that either you or I will come away from our interactions unscathed. You should know that any form of in-person contact will include some level of risk of transmission of COVID-19 which will be present to both the massage therapist and the client regardless of any safety protocols. Some individuals face a higher risk of severe illness and possibly death from COVID-19. It is incumbent upon each individual to be aware of and understand their own personal risk profile given all currently available information. Please read through the following sections carefully.

Important considerations before scheduling an appointment:

  • Within 24-hours of your scheduled appointment, if you think you’re coming down with upper respiratory viral symptoms, fever, sore throat, shortness of breath, or otherwise feeling sick, please contact me immediately to cancel your appointment. Please wait until you are fully recovered and non-infectious before rescheduling any appointments. Your massage therapist will do the same should he start to experience any symptoms. Additionally, please do not schedule a massage appointment with me if another individual at your home is sick (with any kind of contagious illness).
  • I do not recommend that high-risk individuals receive massage therapy at this time.
  • For the time being, your massage therapist is willing to wear a mask during the session however, I will not require my clients to be masked for the duration of our contact. The choice is yours to make.
  • Wherever the massage treatment will take place in your home, I will kindly suggest that a nearby window or door near the treatment area be opened up (assuming this is feasible) to allow for inside air to circulate outside. If there is a ceiling fan, it should be turned on and/or a box or tower fan can be used to direct circulation to the outside. If you don’t have any portable fans I have one available to bring.
  • Your massage therapist has chosen to decline vaccination at this time. I will work with clients regardless of their vaccination status.
  • All massage equipment is thoroughly sanitized before entering your home. Wiping down the massage table, vinyl cushions, massage pressure tools, and other pieces of equipment that are used during a session has always been standard operating practice. This of course includes therapist hygiene of washing hands, forearms, and elbows after each session. Massage sheet and towel drapes are used once for a client session then washed with warm water and a mild detergent. For at home appointments, clients have the option of using their own bed sheets as draping for their session if this is preferable. Just notify me at the time of your appointment.

I have made a good faith attempt to provide relevant information about what to expect so that you can make an informed decision about receiving massage therapy services from me. The choice is yours to make and you, as an autonomous individual, are free to make that choice. I welcome all into my practice seeking professional massage services to help reduce stress, anxiety, and muscle pain – masked or unmasked and regardless of vaccination status – of which you are not obligated to reveal. 

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