Active Isolated Stretching

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) is a stretching system developed by Aaron L. Mattes which is based on controlling the body’s stretch reflexes. Following established physiological and neurological principles, AIS allows muscles to be safely stretched, pain and joint stiffness eliminated, leading to a body with more movement potential and less structural stress.

Flexibility is a key factor for human movement and performance potential. Movement is much more efficient and enjoyable when our bodies are flexible and can perform our daily activities without restriction. Flexibility is not a general whole-body factor. It is specific to each joint. The work or exercise we perform every day may require repeated use of the same muscles and joints within a limited range of motion. These repetitive actions can lead to muscular imbalances causing reduced joint flexibility and postural changes. Over time, muscles become tight, joints become stiff, and joint degeneration and muscle pain may develop.

  • Because AIS is active by nature, it can serve as a warm up to prepare the body for physical activity (e.g. daily activities, sport, or work)
  • AIS can help to optimize specific joint range of motion and reduce the risk of injury
  • The repetitive gentle motions of AIS will invigorate the circulatory, respiratory, and neuromuscular systems of the body
  • AIS is a simple program that can be used to reduce postural tightness by activating weak and inhibited muscles in order to stretch the opposing “tight” muscle groups
  • Practiced consistently, AIS can help one to develop and improve flexibility and maximize potential for athletic performance

Active Isolated Stretching is beneficial for athletes, desk bound workers, or anyone with stiff joints and tight muscles. The exercises are simple to learn and very practical to implement into a daily routine. Your session time can be used to coach and assist you through stretching a specific region or the whole body.

>> Click here to read more about AIS and to see video demos.

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