In my personal experience, the skilled application of massage and bodywork techniques have been very useful for dealing with my aches, pains, and stresses when they pop up. If you’re reading this as someone who uses massage regularly, you probably have similar experiences. What fascinates me most about this work is how something so seemingly simple as touch combined with movement can be rolled up into an individualized strategy effective in relieving many cases of muscular/joint pain, stress, and anxiety.

I work with clients that represent different career paths and hobbies. They share many of the same aches, pains, and stresses in common partly due to the amount of time spent sitting in stagnant postures while engaged in repetitive hand-wrist motions for countless hours on computers and mobile devices. In addition to the impact of physical stress on the body, there is also a heavy load of mental and emotional stressors from attempting to balance one’s family life, personal aspirations, responsibilities, and career goals.

My approach to massage therapy can be described as an advisor role to each client, helping them develop an awareness and understanding of certain factors that may cause or contribute to the problems they are experiencing and then to discover practical interventions and prevention strategies which can solve or manage that challenge.

I received my foundational training and certification in massage therapy at Lindsey Hopkins Technical College (LHTC) in Miami, FL 2003 to 2004. At the time LHTC was a 750 hours full-time training program. While the school is still in operation, it no longer has a massage therapy program which I suppose makes me an “orphaned” alum. In July of 2004 I received my Florida massage therapy license (MA41802) and have been in practice ever since. From 2015 to early 2021, I ran my massage practice from an office location in South Miami. Then in March of 2021, I relocated to Apollo Beach, FL where I will be restarting my practice as a mobile massage therapist.

I am committed to continuous learning about the human body and in understanding how massage and bodywork techniques can impact our experience of pain, stress, and help restore the body. To this end, other notable training includes: Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) for the Torso & Pelvis, Cervical/Cranium, Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity from the NMT Center and Active Isolated Stretching: Mattes Method by Aaron Mattes Therapy.

Member: Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals

Member: Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals

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