Affordable routine healthcare with the Direct Primary Care model

Massage is good for maintaining personal wellness but don’t forget about routine primary care. Following my recent move, I’ve begun looking for a local primary care doctor in my area. I prefer to pay for routine healthcare out-of-pocket so I’m specifically looking for cash friendly practitioners who list prices for their services. When you go shopping for groceries you can see prices. It should be no different for routine primary health care though it seems that when insurance gets involved, things get complicated.

In the course of my research I came across a podcast talking about this very subject. It presented a concept that blew my mind away and it was just what I was looking for! Allow me to share this information with you. It’s called Direct Primary Care (DPC) and has helped many stay healthier and spend less on routine healthcare.

Among the worst aspects of insurance based primary healthcare in these United States is that insurance companies along with corporate hospital systems (including the so-called “not for profits”) have engineered a system that removes price transparency from consumers and creates a barrier between the doctor-patient relationship with unnecessary administrative middlemen. The direct primary care model solves this problem.

Direct Primary Care practices remove the administrative insurance middlemen freeing doctors to provide great care at fair and transparent prices. Another great benefit of this practice model is that your doctor can spend as much time with you as is needed to ensure that you get proper care. DPC practices are membership based and cost less than your monthly cell phone or cable bill.

The patients of DPC practices often receive ongoing primary care from their doctor with zero copays, convenient online scheduling options, near-wholesale prices on medications, blood tests, imaging and more. For example, Epiphany Health located just south of Sarasota (featured in the Reason video below), has partnered with local private imaging centers for drastic discounts when paid for at the time of service where MRIs can be as low as $250, CT scans as low as $200 and X-rays as low as $25.

I am not of the opinion that insurance in unnecessary. The best use of health insurance would be for catastrophic illness or injury, not for routine primary care.

You can begin learning more with the sources below.

Read the full Reason article

For more information about Direct Primary Care:

Here is one example of an out patient surgery center with price transparency…

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