Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) Statement

3/19/20: New update about COVID-19

Due to the escalating circumstances regarding COVID-19 and government-mandated closures, I will be shutting down my massage therapy practice for an indefinite period. What is definite is that I will be closed for the remainder of March. After that it’s taking things one day at a time. I will be personally contacting all clients with pre arranged appointments over the next few weeks shortly. As always, thank you for your patronage and hopefully we’ll be “in touch” sooner than later. Be well and stay well.

Mitchell Diaz, LMT


Hello! I wanted to take a moment to address the current situation regarding the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). We are all now forced to interrupt the normal flow of our day to day lives and really pay attention to what is happening. This is quite the surreal experience right now! Probably a once in a lifetime event. Safety, both yours and mine, is of the utmost importance. In this message I will briefly lay out some points about my office procedures and how I will be moving forward during this time.

Creating a clean and safe space

Basic universal hygiene and precautions are standard operating procedures in massage establishments. To help explain these basic procedures, I’ve included a video link from Kristin Coverly, Director of Professional Education at Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (of which I am a member).

My appointment schedule…

For the time being I will continue to make myself available for office appointments. I will also be monitoring all COVID-19 developments on a daily basis and will reflect on whether I should continue to operate my practice or temporarily shut down based on the available information. Another factor in any decision I make will include the status of my personal health. 

The CDC website has information about coronavirus disease 2019 including symptoms and who is at higher risk. Individuals visiting my office for massage treatment should consider the following points and make the appropriate decision for their circumstances:

1) Are you in the higher risk group?

2) Do you live with others in the higher risk group or are you responsible for the care of others who are in the higher risk group?

3) Have you recently traveled to any of the affected regions, come in contact with anyone who has traveled to those regions?

4) Are you sick, not feeling well, or recently getting over an illness but not fully recovered?

If points #1 and #2 apply to you, consider  social distancing to reduce your risk. If points #3 and #4 apply to you and you have an appointment already scheduled, please reschedule your appointment for a future date, preferably at a time where you have been symptom free for at least 14 days. 

Regarding my cancellation policy

Effective immediately I am suspending my cancellation policy. This will continue until further notice. Given the current situation I believe clients should feel free to bow out of a session if they have a last-minute cold or flu-like symptoms and especially upper respiratory symptoms. In that same vein, I will let all clients know when I am cancelling appointments should I begin to feel ill (a protocol I’ve always adhered to in consideration for your well-being as well as mine). 

With great humility and gratitude I appreciate very much your understanding and support. Please contact me if you have any questions. Otherwise I look forward to seeing you soon. 

Mitchell Diaz, LMT


Published by Mitchell Diaz, LMT

I'm a licensed massage therapist practicing in South Miami, FL.

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