My massage therapy practice is centered on providing clients with a strategy for the prevention of painful musculoskeletal conditions along with maintaining their general wellness.

I can offer you a treatment plan which takes your current needs into account using massage treatment (e.g. Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point), stretching techniques, and self-help education pointers.

The intended outcome is to help you relieve muscular tension, reduce the experience of muscle and joint pain, stimulate circulation, improve joint range of motion, restore function to joints and muscles, and relieve both physical and mental stress.


The clients I serve come from all walks of life and they tend to have roughly the same aches and pains in common from one or more of the following:

  • They sit all day in front of a computer (or in meetings).
  • They are on their feet all day.
  • They and lift and move heavy loads around.
  • They perform repetitive tasks almost daily.
  • They are highly active weekend sports warriors and “gym rats”.

They all have the experience of aches and pains associated with muscular tension, joint stiffness, repetitive strain syndromes, and poor body posturing. Massage and bodywork treatments can offer comfort and relief while education will enable you to maintain that relief on your own.

Have questions about whether this type of massage therapy strategy is right for you?¬†Use the contact form below to arrange for a complimentary phone consultation and I will make my best effort to reply to your message within 24-hours. I would be happy to consult with you to address your questions. Before you do… most if not all of your questions may be answered by checking out my “Top 10 FAQ List”.

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