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Mitchell Diaz, LMT

I am in the process of relocating my massage practice to the Tampa area and so my South Miami practice is now closed to new clients.

Existing South Miami clients may still request appointments through the communication methods they are accustomed to. I will be returning to Miami every 3 weeks to accept appointments for existing clients until late summer or early fall of 2021.

Appointments for existing South Miami clients are available on the following upcoming dates:
May 28-29, June 18-19, July 9-10, July 30 – 31, August 20-21

September and October TBA

Click the “View Profile” button below to view my available times and request an appointment. I will respond to appointment requests as soon as possible but within 24-hours.

My practice focuses massage and bodywork treatment strategies to help each client improve or maintain their personal wellness via reduction of stress and anxiety, relieving muscular tension, and inducing nervous system relaxation.

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Regarding Covid-19 concerns for office appointments

Why Massage?

Massage is not a panacea for all the physical ailments we experience. Though skilled application of massage techniques can certainly be helpful in offering relief. What fascinates most about this work is how something so seemingly simple as touch combined with movement can be effective in relieving many cases of muscular pain, anxiety, and stress. The intention of each mode of touch, massage stroke, joint and muscle stretching movement will be selected to help you get to your desired outcome – reducing stress and anxiety or relieving muscle pain.

Much of the source of accumulated physical stress in today’s workplace is the result of, at least in part, how much time we spend sitting and processing information on computers, tablets, and smartphones. There is also the heavy load of mental and emotional stress from attempting to balance work and family life, 24-hour news cycles, constant connectivity to our digital devices with social media, meetings, deadlines, navigating conflicts within corporate culture, and the chaos of rush hour traffic on the way to and from the office. 

We need to make space between stimulus and reaction. Massage can be an effective wellness care tool (among others) for relieving the feelings of stress, anxiety and burnout. It can also help to alleviate the buildup of physical stresses over time that can potentially lead to conditions involving:

– Neck pain caused from postural strain – e.g. “text neck”
– Headache caused from accumulated tension in the shoulders, neck, jaw, and cranial muscles
– Repetitive strain/overuse disorders or injuries of the forearms, wrist, and fingers from typing and texting
– Back pain and general stiffness produced from sitting all day and stagnant posture


Wellness & Relaxation Massage

Today is the day to relax. Your body is not experiencing major pain and you do not have a medical condition that prevents you from receiving a perfect firm pressure massage session. You only feel the tightness in your muscles and the stress of everyday living. So the massage treatment will focus to calm the nervous system, promote relaxation, and to relax tired muscles.

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Neuromuscular Massage Therapy

Sessions are focused and thorough examinations of the body’s soft tissues to eliminate muscle pain and spasm. It helps to improve the function of joints and muscles, bring awareness to postural patterns, and restore balance between the muscular and nervous systems. As a result, you will feel a deep and lasting relaxation of your overused muscles.

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Sports & Exercise Recovery Massage

This treatment is particularly great for those with active lifestyles and who regularly push their physical abilities through consistent sports play and exercise. Massage techniques are combined with stretching and joint range of motion intended to help your body recover from physical exertion and come back feeling stronger.

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