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Relieve muscle pain, joint stiffness, stress

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Why Massage?

Massage is not a panacea for all the physical ailments we experience. Though skilled application of massage techniques can certainly be helpful in offering relief. The intention of each mode of touch, massage stroke, joint and muscle stretching movement will be selected to help you get to your desired outcome – reducing stress and anxiety or relieving muscle pain.

Much of the source of accumulated physical stress in today’s workplace is the result of, at least in part, how much time we spend sitting and processing information on computers, tablets, and smartphones. There is also the heavy load of mental and emotional stress from attempting to balance work and family life, 24-hour news cycles, constant connectivity to our digital devices with social media, meetings, deadlines, navigating conflicts within corporate culture, and the chaos of rush hour traffic on the way to and from the office. 

We need to make space between stimulus and reaction. Massage can be an effective wellness care tool (among others) for relieving the feelings of stress, anxiety and burnout. It can also help to alleviate the buildup of physical stresses over time that can potentially lead to conditions involving:

– Neck pain caused from postural strain – e.g. “text neck”
– Headache caused from accumulated tension in the shoulders, neck, jaw, and cranial muscles
– Repetitive strain/overuse disorders or injuries of the forearms, wrist, and fingers from typing and texting
– Back pain and general stiffness produced from sitting all day and stagnant posture

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Your First visit

New clients who book online will receive 2 emails shortly after completing the reservation… (1) an appointment confirmation and (2) a request to complete a secure online new client intake form regarding your current and past health history. The intake form is required for all clients and must be fully completed. If you missed the online intake email then you may complete a paper version at the time of your appointment or an PDF attachment can be emailed to you prior to your appointment.

Your massage therapist will conduct a pre-treatment interview in which we will discuss any relevant factors about your health history as well as your expectations and goals for the massage treatment. Physical assessments for posture and joint range of motion may be performed if needed. Treatment procedures will be thoroughly explained and no treatment will be performed without your consent. Feel free to ask questions at any time. The new client interview process can take up to 30-minutes to complete and will be followed by your chosen treatment time.

New clients are required to prepay for the service when booking an appointment online. With any subsequent appointments, you will have the option to prepay or pay in person. Accepted payment forms include cash, credit/debit cards, PayPal, Venmo, Apple & Google Pay. I do not bill or accept insurance.


Wellness & Relaxation Massage

A Wellness and Relaxation Massage is a general massage treatment intended to help clients to de-stress and relax tired muscles. Read more…

Advanced Wellness Clinical Massage

Advanced Wellness Clinical Massage sessions are focused to help clients with specific muscle and joint pain problems brought on by repetitive work or sports related activities. Read more…

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Mitchell Diaz, LMT

What fascinates most about this work is how something so seemly simple as touch combined with movement can be effective in relieving many cases of muscular pain, anxiety, and stress.

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