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All massage therapy appointments to cease until May 8th, 2020 On March 20th

Why Massage?

The accumulation of physical stress in the 21st century workplace is the result of, at least in part, how much time we spend sitting and processing information on computers, tablets, and smart phones. 

Additionally, there is a heavy load of mental and emotional stress from attempting to balance work and family life, 24-hour connectivity to our digital devices, social media distractions, meetings, deadlines, navigating conflicts within corporate culture, and let us not forget the unproductive block of time spent by many in slow moving rush hour traffic on the way to or from the office.

Massage can be an effective wellness care tool (among others) for relieving the feelings of stress, anxiety and burnout. It can also help to alleviate the build up of physical stresses over time that can potentially lead to conditions involving:

– Neck pain caused from postural strain – e.g. “text neck”
– Headache caused from accumulated tension in the shoulders, neck, jaw, and cranial muscles
– Repetitive strain/overuse disorders or injuries of the forearms, wrist, and fingers from typing and texting
– Back pain and general stiffness produced from sitting all day and stagnant posture

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Question… what type of massage do I practice? I have received training in and continue to learn about massage and bodywork modalities such as: Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Sports Massage, deep tissue massage techniques, myofascial release techniques, muscle stretching techniques.

Over my years of practice, it seemed to me that the best way to offer value to each client was not in the modality per se, but rather in serving their goal for the massage treatment. With this in mind I offer two massage services, each with a separate outcome in mind.

Wellness and Relaxation Swedish Massage is a general massage application intended to help clients to de-stress and relax tired muscles. Advanced Wellness Clinical Massage sessions are focused to help clients with acute muscle and joint pain brought on by repetitive work or sports related activities.

Wellness & Relaxation Massage

A Swedish Massage session is intended to help promote your personal wellness by reducing stress and anxiety, relaxing tense muscles, and relieving minor aches. Read more…

Advanced Wellness Clinical Massage

Get relief from muscular pain/strain issues with a focused massage treatment plan and prevention education to maintain your wellness. Read more…

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Mitchell Diaz, LMT South Miami Massage Therapist

About Mitchell Diaz, LMT

My goal is to provide value to my clients through the use of massage and bodywork therapy as a conservative treatment option and prevention strategy for muscle and joint pain. Specifically, this takes the form of using the most effective massage treatment protocols, stretching techniques, education, and practical take-home prevention strategies to help them get the relief they seek and maintain their wellness.


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