You’re always at home with this massage appointment.

Do you use massage as part of your monthly wellness plan?

I work with clients that represent different career paths and hobbies. They share many of the same aches, pains, and stresses in common partly due to the amount of time spent sitting in stagnant postures while engaged in repetitive hand-wrist motions for countless hours on computers and mobile devices.

On top of the physical stressors there is also the heavy load of mental and emotional stressors from attempting to balance career aspirations with family life and personal responsibilities. Massage and bodywork modalities, though they are not panaceas, are among a selection of many effective strategies for enhancing one’s wellness when practiced consistently.

Mobile Massage Therapy Services

Mitchell Diaz, LMT has been in practice since 2004 and will bring the massage appointment to your home so you save time and have less stress and hassle from travel.

You will experience within the familiar and comfortable surroundings of your home a holistic, non-invasive, and conservative approach for help with chronic tension headaches, low back pain, repetitive strain conditions, and stress management.

I can bring the massage appointment to you if you live within a 20-mile radius from the Apollo Beach area. My mobile massage therapy services include…

Swedish Massage is the perfect massage treatment to calm the nervous system, promote relaxation, and soothe tired muscles.

Integrated Therapeutic Massage as the name suggests, integrates massage and bodywork approaches that are useful for relieving acute/chronic muscle pain and spasm.

Sports and Exercise Recovery Massage is specifically geared to treating physical stresses accumulated in the body from regular physical training.

Active Isolated Stretching is easy to learn and will help you to improve joint specific flexibility and range of motion.

Booking Massage Appointments

If you would be a new client, please visit the New Client First Appointment page.

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Online Booking is available for all clients after having completed their first appointment. Setting up your appointment online is easy and can be done from your computer or any mobile device. Or call 786-316-2913 to set up your appointment.

Set up a Free Massage Wellness Consultation:

Finding a new massage therapist can be a daunting task even if the practitioner was referred by a trusted source. I would like to offer an opportunity for all prospective clients to have a face-to-face virtual meeting with me to help you determine if my brand of massage therapy is right for you.

100% Client Satisfaction Guarantee

If at the conclusion of your first appointment you feel that the massage treatment did not deliver on the quality level you expected, please do not hesitate to let me know. I believe in having “skin in the game”. I may not be the right massage therapist for your needs and that’s why I have a 100% quality service guarantee. So if my approach to massage and bodywork doesn’t satisfy your quality expectations I will *refund your money so you can use those funds to find a practitioner who would be a better match for your massage wellness needs.

*When you are in session with your massage therapist, be sure to communicate openly throughout the session so they can accommodate your requests and make any necessary adjustments. If you wait until the end of the session to ask for something different, the therapist will not have the opportunity to modify the session or change the course of the session, so in that case, the guarantee shall not apply. No guarantee is being made for pain relief, postural restoration, or range of motion and flexibility gains.

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